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  • Amy Shannon

A Whole New Look: Prowl

"Prowl" has a whole new look. Thanks to a suggestion from a fan of Prowl and fellow author Rhoda D'Ettore (Author of "Newborn Nazi" and "Tower of Tears"), it has a whole new look.

Prowl ...

Andrea Wallace cannot go anywhere without her shadow, Keith Leonard Fontana … a man obsessed with her. Stalking her for years, his behavior escalates. When she starts dating a police officer, Fontana becomes unhinged, killing or attacking anyone she encounters. Andrea meets local FBI profiler, Special Agent John Marshall, who is assigned to her case. He helps her realize her natural talents of observation and perception. After he finally catches her, the story is not over. Andrea reaches inside herself for inner strength and turns the tables on her stalker, with her new pet and security, a retired police dog, Ralph. Fontana is on the prowl, but is he alone?

2015_prowl cover new kindle.jpg



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