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  • Amy Shannon

New York State Authors

This post is in relation to my previous post "Local Authors

I am looking to showcase local authors on my blog. In July, I showcased Indie Authors that were nominated by others. In this particular showcase, I want the authors to contact me directly at and I will give them details as to deadlines and what I need from the them in order to showcase them.

So far, the response has been minimal. I don't know if the word is not getting out, but I know there has to be more than a few authors in New York State.

I am posting this information to hope for more of a response. So, if you are an author from NYS (and this means any area in NYS), (and you don't have to be an Indie author) and want some free publicity in the month of October (as well as a review of your work) contact me. OR if you KNOW someone who fits this, you can tell them to contact me, or you can tell me directly, and I'll contact them.

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