• Amy Shannon

Using Reviews for Promotions!

After listening to the Internet Radio Show "Writer's Edge with McKensie Stewart" , I realized that I may not be so clear when it comes to reviews and promotions. Reviews can be used for promotions. However, when doing this, authors should know how and when to use it.

On my Blog, "Amy's Bookshelf Reviews", after I post each review, I send a long email to the author.

This contains information about my site, a copy of their review, where their review is posted (which sites) as well as other information. One of things I write in that email is "If you are going to link to a review, I ask that you link directly to the one on my blog. I have provided the direct link to your specific book's review. I have already linked your buy link with my review on my blog. I also give my permission for you to quote any portion or all of my review for promotional reasons. Thank you." The important part of the statement is "Permission for you to quote any portion or all of my review". I am giving permission for promotional purposes.

Safety of files. I must say this, as some authors get concerned about sending advanced review copies, especially digital files. I do NOT share any book that I receive with others, whether it be print or digital copies, unless I have bought the book myself. I archive the books for two years on my computer in an encrypted file and then I delete the file.

Other reviewers: Hopefully, authors will interact with a lot of other reviewers for their work. First, make sure the reviewer is credible when submitting your work to them. And then, if you wish to use a quote of theirs, ask for their permission. It's professional to do that, and the reviewer will appreciate it. Most reviewers won't turn it down, as it also gives them some publicity.

Authors can read my other posts about reviews on this site, or check out my blog "Amy's Bookshelf Reviews" where I post all my reviews.