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  • Amy Shannon

Why (and how) I support other Indie Authors

Anyone who is familiar with me as a writer, blogger or review, knows that I am a very big support of Indie Authors. I

have been writing since I was a child, telling stories for much longer than that, but it wasn't until 2004 (late 2004) when I wrote my first novel, "Unwritten Life." It actually started out as what I thought would be a short story, and it grew from there.

Before that point, I was usually writing tech documents for my job, or poetry when I had the urge, but it had been a while since I had written any story, though I knew I had a bunch in my head. After my mother-in-law died in October of 2004, a woman I was extremely close to, I realized I had things inside me that I felt were missing. When my mother passed away in 1997, I focused on just writing poetry and getting out the feelings and emotions I had. Now, another death of someone so close tome, brought something else out in me. Something that was only part of me, no one else. I was the mother of four boys (and at the time, they were all very young) and in a marriage that was halfheartedly broken. (A year later, it ended in violence, with me at the other end of the fists).

Anyway, after I wrote one book, I wrote another (Contrary Measures), and another (Passionate Retribution). Three books in a row, all stand alones. Then, I decided, no more like I knew, I had to keep writing. So, I wrote a sequel for "Unwritten Life" and called it "Rewritten life" and soon after that, I wrote the Prequel for what I thought was the trilogy. I completed the trilogy in September of 2005. In November of 2005, My husband tried to kill me.

After recovering and even during recovering, I wrote more and more. Back then, Indie authors were not as revered as they are today. We, as authors, want people to read our work, and sometimes the hardest part is getting that first (or even 10th reader). I've been through P.O.D publishing and spent money on marketing tactics that didn't work. I've been scammed by those pretending to be agents, when all they do is want money or to pirate your work. I've endured the processes of Indie authorship. I've also had to deal with bad reviews, no reviews, and even good reviews. My favorite review? A four star where the reviewer just wrote two letters, "OK". (Smirks).

I wholeheartedly support Indie authors. I am honest with my reviews, my work and my experiences. I share my experiences so others can learn from them. I've tried a few Indie publishing companies, and have switched a few times. I review books (Amy's Bookshelf Reviews). I learn from others, and keep learning. I share what I know and what I've learned.

So, when I offer support or services, it's because I've been there and I want to help.

Some of my services are FREE and others have nominal fees. I offer promotions services, editing services (I am an author, and I have a BA in English), tutoring/teaching services for English and new writers (or wannabe writers) as I have a MA in Adult Education. If you're an author, new or struggling, and want to connect, ask questions, network, learn from my experiences, or even share your own, you can contact me directly at

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