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Author Showcase: C L Scholey

C. L. Scholey's title "Finding Solace" came in at number 18 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

Bio: I love to write about everything and can't wait for an idea that grips me and sends me to a new place. Between worlds keeps me busy, that and chasing after my children and grandchildren. Plus one ornery 116 pound mastiff who thinks he's a lap dog. Welcome into my adventures, and hang on!

Book titles Clarity’s Doom Ancient Origins BK1 The Battle Cry and the Berserker In His Alien Hands by; C. L. Scholey and Juliet Cardin Unearthly World BK7: Tempest and the Warrior Her Mighty Shifter

"The Interview" What is the one thing you want to tell your readers? I appreciate you! I appreciate those who buy my books, and review my books. Those who take the time to drop me an email or a facebook message. Thank you for your encouragement and allowing me into the comfort of your homes when you open one of my stories.

What advice can you give to other authors? One thing authors are great at is research. Although sometimes we get excited about contracts. The one thing you need to research the most is the publisher if you are not self-publishing. Contact other authors from their company and ask questions. Lots of them, before deciding if it’s worth putting your signature on anything.

Final thoughts about anything. Writing can be fun but for many authors such as myself my writing is geared to my emotions. Take care of yourself. Writing is a ‘real job’. It’s also highly competitive, but encourage one another. I’d also like to thank Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews for this opportunity and Crystal L. Gauthier and Southern Owl Publications, LLC for nominating my book into the contest.

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