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Author Showcase: Chantelle Atkins

Chantelle Atkins's title "The Tree Of Rebels" came in at number 12 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

"I am a writer, a mum of four, a music lover, book addict who loves lurchers and trying to be self-sufficient."

Bio: Chantelle Atkins was born and raised in Dorset, England and still resides there now with her husband, four children and multiple pets. She is addicted to both reading and music and is on a mission to become as self-sufficient as possible. She writes for both the young adult and adult genres. Her fiction is described as gritty, edgy and compelling. Her debut Young Adult novel The Mess Of Me deals with eating disorders, self-harm, fractured families and first love. Her second novel, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side follows the musical journey of a young boy attempting to escape his brutal home life. She is also the author of This Is Nowhere, This Is The Day and has recently released a collection of short stories related to her novels called Bird People and Other Stories. Chantelle has had multiple articles about writing published by Author's Publish magazine and is also a reviewer for Underground Book Reviews. Her latest novel, a YA dystopian was released August 2017.

List of Titles: The Mess of Me The Boy With The Thorn In Hise Side This Is The Day This Is Nowhere Bird People and Other Stories

"The Interview"

What is one thing you want to tell your readers? To stay tuned because there are so many exciting books on the horizon. Elliot Pie's Guide To Human Nature will be released in 2018. I have completed two books in a YA trilogy, and I have started a four book YA series.

What advice would you give to other authors? To set writing time aside, be strict and discipled and stick to it! It's so easy to get side-tracked or put off and then days can turn to months, even years. Don't compare yourself to others, because only you can tell your story with the passion it deserves, but to try to learn from others. Be supportive of other writers when you can!

Final thoughts on anything; I'm excited about 2018 because I will have a new book out, one I was working on along with The Tree Of Rebels for two years. There are two more projects on the go, once this book is released. The YA trilogy, which is a contemporary drama series, and the YA four book series, which is a post-apocalyptic style.


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