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Author Showcase: Jerry Pociask

Jerry Pociask's title "Hidden Lives Anthology" came in at number 6 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.

Jerry Pociask's title "Grandma, Me and Tree" came in at number 5 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2017.


Jerry Pociask has led an eclectic lifestyle. His love of nature, his interests in Native American spirituality and Celtic lore often conflicted with his need to work within the constraints of the corporate world. Eventually, he found a satisfying balance. Leaving the corporate life, he rekindled his desire to help others see and achieve their own greatness. A Life Coach with over 10,000 hours, Jerry worked with the developmentally disabled and returning Iraq/Viet Nam military veterans. His experience taught him some of the simple things which bring meaning to one’s life. A term as Chairman of the Board for the Grand Traverse Boys and Girls Club in northern Michigan allowed him an opportunity to work with local native tribes, fueling his affinity for native spirituality. It was there he was honored with an Ojibwa name which translates to, "He who sees clearly." Jerry's first book titled, "Call Me Grandpa," explored reflections on being a father and then the prospect of being a grandfather. "Grandma, Me and Tree," expanded these thoughts on Native and Celtic lore beliefs and the defining connections between man and nature. "Hidden Lives" is an anthology. Three short stories about growing up in a large city, a romance during WWII and finally an entry into sacred prophecy. The content is as eclectic as the author. The best and easiest way to describe the books content is to read it and you be the judge! Jerry's newest release, "Call Me Grandma," explores a mother's reflections and concerns for her children and new grandchild in a climate of economic and social changes.

Book Titles:

"Call Me Grandpa" "Grandma, Me and Tree" "Hidden Lives" Anthology "Call Me Grandma"

"The Interview"

Advice to other authors? Write from your heart. Don't try to force a story or a character. Be the character and feel the premise. Become part not only of a story, but of the message you wish to convey

Message to my readers? I am grateful you considered my work interesting enough to read. I hope you find it worthy of your time. Please, don't be shy. Share your thoughts on my work.

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