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  • Amy Shannon

Keep learning!

You may be a writer. You eat, breath, dream writing. Whenever you can, you write. Wherever you are, you write. There's always some type of notebook, digital or paper, with you, wherever you go, so you can write, whenever the need arises. And, when I say need, I mean need. Writers need to write. Write something.

Now, you are a writer. It's what you do, whether you make just enough for a cup of coffee or too much to stuff under your mattress. As a writer, as a person, there is always that need to improve, to grow, to learn.

I am a writer. I am a storyteller, and they are not always the same thing, but with me, they go hand in hand. However, I like to learn. I learn about how I can improve my writer. I learn about whatever topics interest me, so that I can implement it in my writing, such as research, or just want to spice up my work. I learn as a person, so I can continue to grow and evolve, as a mother, woman, writer, reader, book reviewer, student, and human being.

Just because we are where we are, and even if we are where we want to be, it is in us to learn. To grow. My advice is to never stop learning, about yourself, about others, about how to improve whatever it is that you do. Writers don't stop writing just because they think they know it all, because no one ever does.

One of my favorite places to learn about writing and other writers is "Writer's Digest". It's a physical magazine, a digital magazine, and it has a great website to learn and be exposed to more about writing. I prefer the physical magazine, complete with adding sticky notes to pages, I want to read and re-read.


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