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Authors: Consistency is KEY (especially your name)

Authors, when marketing yourself, one important thing to do is to be consistent. Your name (pen name or whatever name is on your book cover) is your brand. The key to doing this is to be consistent.

Too many times, I have seen Author's names written differently on different areas of online book sites. For example, what may be one way on Goodreads, is different on But also, I have seen books by the same author, but they are not linked to an single author's page because of the way the name is written.

As an example, take "Book 1" and the author name is Mr. John Smith. However, Smith's "Book 2" is listed as John Smith. The two authors are the same person, but because of the honorific, the books are not linked to one author, but it seems there are two. This can also go for authors who may use initials such as J.M. Smith on (or another site) and John Smith on another site, but J.M and John are the same person. The other thing to look for is if using initials, whether or not the author will use the punctuation such as JM as opposed to J.M. or J.M

Authors, you are marketing yourself, so, what name you use should be consistent, and how it is written, should be consistent. From your social media, to your presence on your book covers, and online book stores.

Also, you may want to check, just do an online search and add the word "author" or "writer" to your search, to see if another author has the same name. I recently made that mistake, and thought I was conversing with one author and it was a totally different one with the same name. The only difference, was the middle name or initial.

As a book reviewer, I have seen this happen a lot, and it can be confusing to see which is the proper author name.

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