• Amy Shannon

Where do you write?

Sometimes it isn't just about what you write, but where you write. Some authors have a sense of organization and can only write if certain requirements are met. Environment is a big part of writing, as it can inspire or even deter inspiration.

Personally, I write with my laptop, and can pretty much write anywhere I drag it, usually it's my living room on my desk. However, I also write in a notebook (notebooks more like it) and I always carry a notebook with me, so whenever I get that idea, I can write it down. Being outside and walking around, can also give me inspiration. A while ago, I participated in a local writing challenge, and it was to write about a local historical ghost story. So, I needed inspiration, and I went to the cemetery, took photos with my cell phone, and wrote down in my notebook. Pages of handwritten notes turned into a great poem, which I wrote and then read at the local museum.

So, I ask you, where do you write, and when you write in a specific environment, how does it lend to your inspirational words that hit the page.

If you wish to share your stories with me, email me at writeramyshannon@gmail.com and I'll post them on an upcoming blog post.


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