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New Author Showcase: Sashat Nattat

Author Bio:

Sashat Nattat, expresses her brand through her pen; sharing her gift with the world. Her self- published book is a journey written in rhyme. Sashat lives her poetry either by sight, sound, feeling or personal experience. Many have commented that she often writes what people are feeling but are not always able to express. She wishes to grow her brand as a poet and author with the release of her book Demand the Brand Within.

A mother, a teacher, an entrepreneur and writer; Sashat Nattat not only has an incredible writing talent, but she is also an experienced leader, with managerial and leadership experience that spans well over fifteen years. She is the co-founder and vice president of Ptah Initiative, a non-profit company that empowers the youth by providing educational and physical training to help build and maintain their brand. Sashat Nattat continues to pen her thoughts and feelings in hopes to one day show the world that despite their many differences they are very much the same.

“The Interview”

What does a writing success mean to you?

To me a writing success is writing with feeling, taking all that is inside of you that needs to be expressed and putting it down on paper; then finding the courage to allow other people to read your inner thoughts, that is a writing success.

Who or what influences your writing the most?

What influences me the most is people, and the events of the world. I will see something on television. Hear people around me talking, read a post on social media and write what I believe the deeper emotion is, what I may feel in that moment.

Do you have a system for writing?

No, I do not have a system for writing. I write during the wee hours of the night but mostly on the weekend. I write in moments borrowed when I am not working, cooking or spending time with my children.

If you could sit down with anyone (living, dead or fictional) and have a long conversation, who would it be?

My mother, she has been passed for ten years now but there is so much I wish to talk to her about.

What is the one thing that you find challenging in your writing work?

I find writing poetry without rhyming a challenge for me. I also have dubbed writing anything beyond poetry challenging although I must admit I haven’t tried to write anything else yet, so I am caught in my own fear of the unknown.

Book Title: Demand the Brand Within

Book information:

Demand the Brand Within a poetry book that relays a giant message…

Follow your dreams and exercise your talents. Poetry is all around us and the author Sashat Nattat believes that any story can be told with a poem. The introduction poem Demand the Brand Within encourages you to challenge yourself and question are you demanding your brand or walking a safe and monotonous path. Confidence is a key ingredient to success.

Each section in the book marks another step in the authors journey in finding her brand. Familiar feelings of insecurity, grief, love, honesty and confidence will touch you as you read each poem. The author is motivated by life and talent, with nothing more than a minimum wage lifestyle and a determination to capture the mind with a well written rhyme.

After you complete this book you should be inspired to discover and demand, your own brand.

Other author links:

Instagram @brandwithin

Facebook @sashatnattat

Final Thought:

"Some advice I would give to an inspiring writer is never stop writing. Life will not always afford you time to think let alone provide you with the time you need to write. I must insist that you fit it in, make time to write as you make time for everything else you will find the time you take out for yourself is the most rewarding.”



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