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  • Amy Shannon

Book Showcase: Cinderelevant by P Mattern

P Mattern's title "Cinderelevant" came in at number 17 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2018


Synopsis: A lonely and neglected peasant girl living in a small town will rise to unimaginable heights of feminine power. A TWISTED TALE OF BEAUTY, POWER AND FATE “You were nothing when you came here and if you don’t start paying attention you will be nothing when you leave here” One by one the Prince’s brothers will fall in love with her and challenge their brother’s right to marry her in every way they know how.

Synopsis: Half orphaned CInderessa finds adjusting to her father’s remarriage with affluent widow Marlise challenging. Even more challenging is trying to adjust to her two older Stepsisters, Marietta and Priscilla, who let her know from the start that they despise her. When her father dies less than 6 months into his new marriage , Cinderessa is left orphaned and all her father’s belongings go to the widow-all of them except for the silver pinky ring that had been a special birthday present to her. Her Stepmother wastes no time informing her that the only way she would be allowed to stay under their roof was if she performs all the household tasks , sleeping in front of the kitchen fireplace to make sure it never goes out. When a Grand Ball is announced in honor of the King’s oldest son Fabien, her Stepmother is quick to tell Cinderessa that she will not be attending, but through the machinations of three odd characters she does attend, resplendent and unrecognizable, stealing the Prince’s heart. When the magic wears off at the stroke of midnight, Cinderessa ‘s feet are set on a path that will lead to a return to the castle, the amorous attentions of the Prince’s handsome brothers, and a destiny she could never imagine.


There was a knock at the door. Afternoon visitors were a rarity, and she hastily got up, wiping her hands on her apron and putting her teacup and saucer aside. From the room beyond you could hear her Stepmother calling her to answer the door, and she did so. Her eyes widened when she saw three of the Royal Guard standing there, resplendent in their red and violet uniforms, trimmed with gold braid and finished with a fringed silk sash of a golden hue. The three soldiers bowed, taking off their wide brimmed hats, each of which sported a violet ostrich plume. “By order of his Majesty, you are hereby invited to a ball to be held in Prince Theobold’s honor,” the member of the guard intoned, reading from a scrolled document,”Prince Fabian Rembrandt Carpetian, the eldest of King Mizore’s seven sons, reaches his majority in one month and desires to host a gathering of all the eligible ladies of the realm of marriageable age. Each must be accompanied by a Chaperone, and it will be a formal affair. It is the Prince’s most fervent hope that he will meet his future wife at this gathering. According to our records, this address houses no less than three young women of marriageable age, is that correct?” Cinderessa was about to speak, but before she could she felt a hand on her shoulder from behind. “No, I am afraid you have been misinformed,” Cinder heard her Stepmother say as she brushed past Cinderessa and stood directly in front of her so that she was blocked from view, ”There are but two young ladies of eligible age to marry residing here. They are my daughters Marietta and Priscilla.” “What about her?”the soldier asked, pointing a Cinderessa, ”She’s a right fair maid!” Cinder’s Stepmother quickly pushed back with her derriere to increase the distance between Cinder and herself. Cupping her hand over her mouth she whispered briefly into the guard’s ear. “Oh I see,” he said. Behind her Stepmother’s back she stood on tiptoe so that she could see what was going on, and when her eyes met the eyes of the guardsman she saw sympathy reflected in his gaze What had her Stepmother whispered to him she wondered. Her suspicion was that her Stepmother had whispered that she was either mute or an imbecile—either one of those conditions would have excluded her from consideration. Abruptly the three soldiers bowed again and turned to leave. Cinderessa couldn’t wait for the door to close. “What did you tell that guardsman about me?” she demanded, ”Have I not the same right to attend the Prince’s festivities as my sisters?” “Once again you exhibit the wayward manners of your lowborn ancestors,” her Stepmother replied, waggling her finger under Cinder’s nose,” the Prince will expect all his guests to be appropriately attired and coiffed, smelling of lily of the valley and with manners befitting a future Queen… You, my dear, have nothing to wear, you smell like the hogs you slop and your hair is so unruly you have to braid it so that it isn’t a rat’s nest. You are ill mannered, ungrateful and barely know your place. …Maybe you need reminding, CInderessa. You came here as nothing and if you don’t start paying attention you will leave here the same way…

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