• Amy Shannon

Book Showcase: The Pastor's Daughter by T K Ware

T K Ware's title "The Pastor's Daughter" came in at number 18 in the Best Indie Books Title of 2018

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Ebony had a secret….

An ill-advised relationship with a married man in the church sent Ebony down a path of regret, which led to an unplanned pregnancy. When the pressure of being the pastor's daughter and carrying a married man's child weighs upon her, emotions flare. Shortly afterwards, she threatens to publicize the entire affair, deciding to bear the consequences of the matter.

After an untimely event, and unprecedented conviction, Ebony is forced to confess as she battles with thoughts of betrayal to God, the church, and herself.

Excerpt: Chapter 3

The following morning was a repeat of the day before. Ebony’s sleep throughout the night was interrupted by constant sprints to the bathroom, cuddling the toilet with her head buried inside the brim. Soft tears trickled down her face into the water below. She remained in that position until her emotions lifted.

How did I let this happen? What am I going to do? Why hasn’t he called to check on me? It’s not like it’s entirely my fault. He played a part in this as well. I should stand up and testify at the church! My secret would shut the entire church down. But if I did that, what would my testimony do to my family? To me?

Constant thoughts of remorse crashed upon her mind with such intensity that she fell into a screaming frenzy of paranoia. Her yell came to a halt at the sound of a knock on the door. She dragged to the front room and pulled aside the lavender curtain draping the window, peering out at the figure standing outside her door.

“What do you want?” she asked in a cracked voice.

“Please open the door,” he said. “I don’t have much time. I want to check on you.”

She waited a second and opened the door. When their eyes met, her tears instantly dried as wrinkles formed between her brows, thoughts gathering.

This man used me. He manipulated me for his advantage. I hate him.... I hate him.... I love...

Her mind went blank and her knees grew weak, gazing into his hazel eyes. She exhaled and followed the chisel structure of his face, down to his small nose and full lips. She stopped a few inches above his massive chest and gazed heavily at his strong neck and bulging shoulders. After taking in a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and went to her bedroom. He pushed the door closed and slowly followed her. Standing at the bedroom door, he stared at Ebony stretched out on the bed with her face buried in the pillow.

He cleared his throat a couple of times and ran his fingers down his face, resting on the hairs of his beard. “So, how have you been?”

Ebony slowly sat up on the bed. “Fine.”

She rolled her eyes toward the window. “Fine as a woman who’s pregnant can be. What about you?”

He sat down on the edge of the bed with his back to her. After a deep sigh, he said, “I’m making it. I just wanted to come over to make sure you were all right. Do you need anything?”

Ebony shook her head in disgust. She knew why he was here, she could sense it. When she first told him about her pregnancy a week ago, he went ballistic and accused her of trying to sabotage his marriage and ministry. Her emotions were mixed. She wanted to pound him on the back with the base of her tiny hands, but then she realized that it would be like a mosquito biting a lion— a massive lion that she still wanted so badly to rip her in pieces and... She shook off the wild thoughts of desire and then said, “Why are you really here?”

He turned and glared into her eyes. “We can’t keep this baby.”