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  • Amy Shannon

Author Showcase: Jennifer S. Alderson

Jennifer S. Alderson came in at number 7 for the Best Indie Authors of 2018.

Author Bio: Jennifer S. Alderson worked as a journalist and website developer in Seattle, Washington, USA, before trading her financial security for a backpack. After traveling extensively around Asia, Oceania, and Central America, she moved to Darwin, Australia, before finally settling in the Netherlands. There she earned degrees in art history and museum studies. Home is now Amsterdam, where she lives with her Dutch husband and young son. Jennifer’s travels and experiences color and inform her internationally oriented mystery series, the Adventures of Zelda Richardson. In Down and Out in Kathmandu, Zelda gets entangled with a gang of smugglers whose Thai leader believes she’s stolen his diamonds. The Lover’s Portrait is a suspenseful “whodunit?” about Nazi-looted artwork that transports readers to wartime and present-day Amsterdam. Art, religion, and anthropology collide in Rituals of the Dead, a thrilling artifact mystery set in Papua New Guinea and the Netherlands. Her short mystery story set in Panama and Costa Rica, Holiday Gone Wrong, will help fans better understand this unintentional amateur sleuth’s decision to study art history and give new readers a taste of her tantalizing misadventures. Her travelogue, Notes of a Naive Traveler, is a must read for those interested in learning more about—or wishing to—travel to Nepal and Thailand.

“The Interview” What is the one thing you want to tell your readers? My own backpacking adventures and expat experiences inspired the plots, settings and several characters in my books. I truly hope readers enjoy their trip and wish them luck in solving the mysteries! What advice can you give to other authors? Be kind to your fellow authors. They aren't your competition, they are potential networking partners. Connecting with authors writing in your genre and collaborating with them on marketing is a wonderful way to start your own community and help readers discover all of you!

The Books: The Adventures of Zelda Richardson mystery series: Down and Out in Kathmandu Holiday Gone Wrong The Lover’s Portrait Rituals of the Dead Non-fiction standalone: Notes of a Naive Traveler: A Nepal and Thailand Travelogue


Final Thought …

There's a saying: if your glass is half empty, pour it into a smaller glass and stop bitching. To me, these are words to live by. Everyone has dark days, it's how you deal with them that defines you. I am incredibly grateful to Amy Shannon for featuring my work! Happy reading, everyone.

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