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Author Showcase: S. L. Perrine

S. L. Perrine came in at number 8 for the Best Indie Authors of 2018.

Author Bio: S.L. Perrine is a wife to a mechanic and mother of four crazy teenagers (3 are boys) who eat her out of house and home. Among writing, reading is another passion of hers. She also enjoys camping, fishing, and anything that means family time. During the summer she can be found at camp with her laptop by the pool. She and her family reside in Troy, NY.

"I write stories to fill the world with imagination for those who have a hard time finding their own."

- SL PERRINE, 2016

“The Interview” What is the one thing you want to tell your readers?

Writing is about need. The need to write them, because of the need to share them with others. I don’t worry about deadlines and how my storylines go because of my publishers. I do it with my readers in mind. I want to make sure my books are enjoyable to anyone who might pick one up to read it. If your not entertained, then I need to step up my game.

What advice can you give to other authors? It’s great to have beta readers and editors, but if your not reading your own finished product be prepared to hate it later. Always make sure without a shadow of a doubt that what you put out there is your absolute best.

The Books: The Crawford Witch Chronicles The Beast Within Series The Ravana Moon Series The Blood Rites Trilogy The Himalayan Files

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Final Thought … I always believed my ability to be an artist was solely dependent on my drawings. When I was younger I made up worlds in my head, but often instead of writing them down, I drew. I loved to perform in chorus, and create clay objects. Painting and drawing was what I was good at, and I always said I could never be a writer or author because of my lack of ambition to write it all out. I just held onto the stories inside my mind. I’m thankful that I have gotten to the point of sharing them with the world. Having my own mortality questioned, I began writing about paranormal creatures who will live well past my expiration date. So, if you’re a dreamer, never say you can’t be an author. It’s possible. I am living proof of that, as are so many more.


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