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  • Amy Shannon

Author Showcase: Sarah Dale

Sarah Dale came in at number 9 for the Best Indie Authors of 2018.

Author Bio: Sarah Dale is a versatile author, with published works in Fantasy, Magical Realism, Horror and Young Adult. Her novel “We Could Be Heroes” was published in (2016), the short story, “Something Old, Something New, Something Cursed, Something Blue” is included in the anthology titled, “What Goes Around” (2016). Her Young Adult series, the Tales of the Zodiac Cusp Kids is currently in process: “Something Wicked” was released in May of 2018, “Something Haunted in November of 2018, and “Something Lost” is due out in May of 2019. She has also recently edited several novels for publication. Prior to working in publishing, she spent years working with teens at a busy public library, creating library programming, leading book clubs, and teaching writing workshops. Her article, “Teens and Community in the Public Library: The Algebra of ‘Pack’” was published in Nebraska Libraries - Volume 4, No. 2 (May 2016). She is the recipient of the 1990 Victor Contoski award for Literary Criticism.

She lives with her husband, two cats and three dogs in a big old house in Lincoln, Nebraska where the kids and grandkids rotate through according to their own personal orbits.

“The Interview” What is the one thing you want to tell your readers? Thank you for reading! You're doing yourself a solid, mentally, emotionally and physically. Keep it up! Specifically, thank you for reading my stories! I hope they gave you some joy. Now, go outside and play!

What advice can you give to other authors? Write. Write some more. Try to remember to enjoy yourself, you're doing exactly what you love!

The Books: "We Could Be Heroes" "Collision Course" co-authored by David Owain Hughes "What Goes Around" - a collection of short fiction, featuring "Something Old, Something New, Something Cursed, Something Blue" Tales of the Zodiac Cusp Kids: "Something Wicked", "Something Haunted"


Final thoughts about anything... Be kind. Walk the dog another block. Throw your shoulders back and breathe deeply. We each get a short little piece of time to enjoy our sunny spot in this great big universe. Do with it the best you can.

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