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  • Amy Shannon

Poet Showcase: Abdiel Leroy

About Abdiel Leroy:

Abdiel's awakening as a poet began with participation in a Shakespeare group for actors, then goaded into full flow by an excruciating breakup, followed by the fraudulent installation of George W. Bush in the White House in 2001. The latter sowed the seeds of Abdiel's three-volume Verses Versus Empire series of political poetry, covering in turn the Bush, Obama, and now Trump eras.

Along with Shakespeare, Abdiel's themes are deeply stirred by the Bible, mythology, and the great epic poem, Paradise Lost. He has memorized thousands of lines of poetry and can come up with an instant quote for every occasion!

These inspirations are especially evident in his own epic poems. Abdiel's signature work, Elijah, reimagines the great Old-Testament prophet's ministry and miracles, while his "little epic", Obama's Dream, takes the former president on a night-time journey of transformation.

Meanwhile, individual poems have been published in literary magazines, newspapers, and in advertising materials for a New York orchestra playing at the Lincoln Center.

Along with all the poetry, Abdiel has also published fiction and non-fiction, including Dueling the Dragon, his memoir of 10 years living and working in China. The latter is also his latest audiobook, culminating his transformation of written word into spoken word through several titles, including both his epic poems.

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Other books by Abdiel Leroy: The Gourmet Gospel Dueling the Dragon: Adventures in Chinese Media and Education The Christmas Tree Obama’s Dream: The Journey That Changed the World Elijah Well Versed: To Shakespeare, Poets, and the Performing Arts

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