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  • Amy Shannon

Poet Showcase: Will Mayo

About the Will Mayo:

from Mayo, "from Mayo, "I'm single and just a man like any other, penning words on the go and hoping for the best out of life. A drunk a lover and a fool, a man of leisure and a scoundrel. Living life naked and happy with my cat in Frederick, Maryland." And Mayo goes on to add, "As far as the author's biography I have little more to add than I've already said except that Will Mayo's best stories and poems appear to be written between the hours of 3 AM and sunrise. He is at one with the night. I give the following by way of example:

THE NIGHT By Will Mayo There’s something about the night that gets in my blood, gets me going like no other time of the day can. It’s the fall of footsteps on a hardwood floor, creaky with age, of a soul trying vainly to wake up the dead (as if he could); it’s a night owl’s hoot at the passersby; it’s a lover’s sigh on a pillow left untended by time. And, oh, yes, it’s these, too: staying awake all night, cowering by a candle or a night lamp while held in suspense by the horror of a ghost story, told one last time; tossing and turning in a dream that transports one to a kingdom won and lost for the sake of a bride unencumbered by the serpent at the door; and, of course, waking up to a bleary-eyed dawn that only Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci could imagine in all its beauty. Damn it, I do love that night."

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Photo Credit: The author biography image was created by Homer Yost.

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