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  • Amy Shannon

Poet Showcase: Suzanne Werkema

About Suzanne Werkema Suzanne Werkema grew up in a small Michigan town where children had time to play. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in music history. For many years Suzanne lived in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where she raised a family, performed historical music, tutored adult English-language learners, developed websites for small nonprofits, created stained-glass panels, traveled widely, and wrote for kids and adults. Suzanne writes both fiction and poetry. Her books include The Slithering Mist (fiction for ages 4-8), Upside-Down Jellies—28 Animal Poems (for ages 8-12), Just Wondering—40 Poems for Smart Kids (You) (for ages 9-12), and The Raider (Christian novel for ages 9-12). Her current work-in-progress, a novel for upper-middle-grade readers ages 10-14, takes place in 14th-century England. Suzanne and her husband live beside a lake in Tennessee.

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Other books by Suzanne Werkema Upside-Down Jellies: 28 Animal Poems (2014) The Slithering Mist (2015) The Raider (2018)

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