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Authors ... Are you being found?

Authors, even those who are unfamiliar with using digital technology, should be able to be found. Once you've written your story, book, poetry, or whatever you've written, the easy part is done. Yes, the writing is the easy part.

Some people write a book because they can, and other write because it's their passion. So, you've written something, and now you want others to read it, more than that, you want others to buy it and then read it. So, how are you going to let people (other than your friends and family) know that you've written a book?

Before social media, there were ways, such as word of mouth (which still works today, but it also becomes word-of-social media), and fliers, bookmarks, yelling out your window ... you get the point. Now, the world has entered the digital age. It can be overwhelming to even those who are experienced at it.

You are not only marketing or promoting your work, but yourself as well. Now, are you being found? Yes, your book may be for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, CreateSpace, Kobo ... etc, but how you are being found?

I recently wrote a post about consistency. Your pen name (even if it's your real name you're writing under), needs to be consistent everywhere, or your titles or even your one book won't be linked back to you. First, be professional. Use appropriate case (not all caps, not all lower case) when inputting your name. Yes, it's important. If you're using your name or a penname, do a search to see if there are other authors with your name. You may want to change it, create a penname or just add an initial. Whatever way you choose it, stick with it verbatim.

To see if you're name is out there, do an internet search on more than one search engine, and see what comes up. Are you there?

Start simple. Don't get overwhelmed and think you must be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else is out there. (Hey, I was once on MySpace). You should have at least an Amazon author page (if you're in the US, it's, if your in other countries, use the international Amazon Author Central). Personally, I created an author page for myself in all the Amazon International Sites.

Even if you don't have a website, use the free tool that amazon is providing you. Then, you can go from there.

I offer services to review an author's brand, and see where they need exposure. You can see a list of my services and fees on my services page.

If you want to sell, you have to get your name out there, your brand out there. Do it slow and simple, and learn the ins and outs of sharing, and posting on social media without being in everyone's face about it constantly.


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