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Author Showcase: Lisa Lickel

Author Bio:

Lisa Lickel lives in the rolling, peaceful hills of western Wisconsin where she writes inspiring fiction and collects dragons and books. She writes novels, short stories, feature articles, and radio theater, and loves to encourage authors through mentoring, speaking, and leading workshops. She comes to her career as a professional writer as an adult after catching the writing bug in her local historical society and taking the Christian Writer’s Guild online course. As a result of the course, she began selling articles to magazine and newspapers before writing the first of over two dozen published novels. She has enjoyed literary representation in the past but currently publishes with Pelican Ventures LLC or through her company, Fox Ridge Publications. Lisa is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association, the Chicago Writers Association, and is vice president/instructor for Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp and Writing Retreat, Inc. She is an avid book reviewer and blogger, experienced contest judge, an occasional reluctant publisher, writing and publishing mentor, and a freelance editor. Lisa and her husband, a retired high school science teacher, love spending time with their family, gardening, and enjoy travel so much they have visited all 50 US States and most of Canada. They have two grown sons, daughters-in-law, and lots of adorable grandchildren.

Book Titles

Standalone books The Last Detail and Requiem for the Innocents

The Fancy Cat Mystery series

The Forces of Nature series

The First Children of Farmington series for young people

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