• Amy Shannon

Writing & Improvement

As a writer, we writer. it's what we do. it's who we are. this doesn't mean that we can't grow as a writer, improve our writing. As a writer, i am a better writer than i was when i first started writing. I was ten years old, and only wrote poems and short stories. However, i think i was a better storyteller when I started. I was about four years old.

I think age and experience can effect creativity and imagination. Does that stop me? Definitely not.

Writing is different than storytelling. Tehre are many things to writer, how to write and how to write the correct way. As a writer, never throw anything away. You never know when you can use it. Sometimes you use it completely, sometimes it's part of something new, and sometimes it's just inspiration.

Writing the words is sometimes difficult. Writers seem to have their own overused words, phrases or character names. It's a writer who grows, who learns from past epxierences of writing, and continues to learn that is successful. Success of a good writer, is good writing.



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