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Showcase: S. L. Perrine

S. L. Perrine was nominated as an Indie Author who deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of her work. I am pleased to present this author a showcase blog post.

Author Bio:

S. L. Perrine started writing when she was a teenager. She just picked the topic she had at the time, which felt real…. It would have been a boring read, The story of her life.

She didn’t really pick up on writing until her first marriage ended. Perrine’s current husband had convinced her that if writing was what she wanted to do with life, she should do it. However, those bills don’t pay themselves. So three years have lapsed since the completion of her first book and her now second book.

When Perrine’s first book, Open at Sunrise was completed, she didn’t really promote it. She tried to publish by traditional means, but didn’t really know how. To Perrine, that book was a no go.

She was newly in love and is a HUGE Nora Roberts fan. Perrine tried her hand at romance, with a bit of mystery, but didn’t even really like the book.

Perrine woke one night, about two years ago at three in the morning. She had the strangest, most vivid dream. She immediately wrote the dream down in all the details that she could remember. The dream stuck with her. The dream ended up being the opening chapter of The Beast Within. That one chapter gave her the idea for an entire series of books.

Perrine currently resides in central New York, her husband is a mechanic, and her four kids are deciding on career goals for themselves (her oldest is a high school senior this coming September).


  • Alara's Curse (Of Kinds and Queens series)

  • The Beast Within series

  • The Crawford Witch Chronicles SEries

  • The Blood Rites Trilogy

And short stories:

  • Skylar Ryan: Betrayal

  • Iron Maiden

  • The Hunter's Curse

  • Tangled Web

Synopsis: Alara's Curse

Of Kings and Queens Book 1

~Loosely based on Sun, Moon, and Talia by Giambattista Basile, 1634~

It may start with a spindle, like all the others but it ends in battle.

Queen Alara, poisoned by magic, is made to suffer through twenty years of sleep… but is she really sleeping?

Our fair-haired maiden is made to suffer in silence as she loses her one true love, her child, and twenty years of her life. While the world believes her to be lost forever, Alara suffers through the loss of her child, the marriage of her one true love to another woman, and twenty years of lost time with those around her.

The land of Anaphias is taken hostage. All who live within are affected, but only one will stand up to the usurper queen... Queen Alara and her unlikely heroes; a guard with no fighting ability, a woman with a cloak as red as blood and the witch-queens own son who is an identical replica of her own.

Sometimes being strong means knowing when to ask for help.

Website links:

Final Thought …

“I write stories to fill the world with imagination for those who have a hard time finding their own.” - SL PERRINE, 2016


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