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  • Amy Shannon

October is Indie Author Appreciation (IAA) month on my blog

Last year, IAA month was in September, this year it will be in October.

The process will be a little as it was in previous years, and so will the rules. The rules are listed on my Showcase Nomination

I will be accepting nominations for Indie authors that deserve to be recognized, acknowledged for their work and to have a spotlight post about them. Anyone who wishes to nominate an author, can fill out the appropriate form at

You will receive a confirmation response from so make sure it's not in your SPAM folder. I may request extra information for you.

All nominations should be for someone else, not yourself. The spotlight will showcase the author, and recognize their work. It is not a book promo but an AUTHOR promotion. Authors will be contacted about their nomination, when the process is complete. Voting/Nominating will begin August 1 and end on August 31. Voting for the nominees will commence in September.

All nominators and authors will be eligible to receive a copy of my book "Passionate Retribution."

This year, the IAA will showcase the TOP TEN authors.

The form is active, but nominations will ONLY be accepted between August 1 and August 31. Any nominations accepted before or after those dates will not be counted.

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