• Amy Shannon

Author Amy Shannon: 2019 Year in Review

It has been a long year and it's almost over. While I look forward to 2020 and whatever it may bring, I also like to reflect on this past year.

My work:

I released three books in the rebranded MOD Life Epic Saga, which includes Life's Hindering Hope (Book 11), Life's Binding Ties (Book 12) and December's release of Life's Resurrection (Book 13).

I also wrote my first nonfiction book, which is a workbook and resource for writers. Depths of Characters: A writer’s resource and workbook for character building was released in paperback on both Amazon.com and Lulu.com. I created a companion book to Depths of Characters, called "The Character's Fate" short-story book, which is free with purchase of the workbook.

All my books that have been published are on my amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/Amy-Shannon/e/B00EFZD5NU

All of the rebranded MOD Life Epic Saga books (even the ones not yet released) are available for sale (and some free bonus books) at http://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/stories/books-store

Promotions: I will continue to promote my past and present books on my blog. I also divided my promotions page and services page, and added promotional bundles for authors and author representatives.

I am currently working on a video series, called "Story Telling with Amy Shannon" and it is available for viewing on YouTube.

Indie Authors: I ran several contests this year, March was Indie Poet Appreciation Month, September was Indie Author Appreciation Month, O and in November I ran a voting contest for the top 20 Indie Book Titles of 2019 (the winners have already been announced and notified).

March's Indie Poet Appreciation Month: The following poets and their prose were showcased: Rita Marie Recine, Elena Botts, Suzanne Werkema, Abdiel LeRoy, and William Mayo.

Septembers's Indie Author Appreciation Month: The following authors were showcased in the Indie Author Appreciation Month: Chantelle Atkins, Crystal Gauthier, Michelle Holland, Theresa Jacobs, Cindy Johnson, William P. Lazarus, S. L. Perrine, Kate Rigby, Judy Snider, and McKensie Stewart.

The Top 20 Best Indie Books of 2019 nominees were: Forgotten Storm by A.R. Avagnetti, Birth of Magic by Carol Beth Anderson, The Cherries by D B Carter, Bits and Pieces by Dawn Homser, The End of Echoes by Dawn Homser, The Life and Times of Clyde Kennard by Derek R. King, Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire by G.M. Nair, The Android Sisters by Gary Starta, Marked for Revenge: An Art Heist Thriller by Jennifer S. Alderson, The Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna Randle, Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali A Love, Book 1: Jasper and his Furry Friends by Michelle Holland, The adventures of Bella & Emily continued by Michelle Holland, The adventures of Bella & Emily Devon revisited week2 by Michelle Holland, The adventures of Bella & Emily revisited week 3 by Michelle Holland, Spider's Web by Shanon Condon, Cold Betrayal by AJ Mcarthy, Just Desserts by Nancy Derosa, A Thousand Mothers by Brenda Marie Webb, Blood Rebirth by S.M. McCoy, Mann in the Crossfire by R Weir, White Oaks by Jill Hand, Murder by Misdirection by Debra Snow, and Sorrowfish by Anne C. Miles.

These contests not only promote these wonderful authors and their works, but also I get introduced to new authors, read their stories, and continue to work with authors I've come to know.

Collaboration: I continue to have a guest spot on the second Friday of every month (more when needed) on "The Writer's Edge with McKensie Stewart." I am on her show every second Friday of the month at 4 - 6 PM EDT. It's on the Fishbowl Radio Network, and be accessed online at http://fbrn.us/shows/the-writers-edge/ or via the "tune-in" app downloaded to your computer or smartphone.

Also, McKensie Stewart and I have started our own podcast, "The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon," and it is reaching the end of its second season (or as we call them, chapters), and Chapter 3 is not far behind. Our podcast runs on Fridays at 6:30 PM EST. Archived episodes can be heard on our YouTube Channel or our website. Our podcast runs on Blog Talk Radio, but also can be streamed on other podcast listening apps, such as iHeart Radio. All of our social media and podcast links can be found on our website at https://wetheaftershow.wixsite.com/home

I've updated the donation button to my blog, as it takes a lot of time and effort to not only promote my own work, but also to promote others.

Coming up for next year:

New releases

  • Depths of Characters: A writer’s resource and workbook for character building (Nonfiction)- eBook (JANUARY 2)

  • All of My Yesterdays (Verse/Poetry) (MARCH 3)

  • Passionate Retribution IV (APRIL)

  • Life's Infiltration (MOD Life's Epic Saga, Vol 14) (JUNE)

  • Life's Revival (MOD Life's Epic Saga, Vol 15) (OCTOBER)

  • Unlawful Identity (DECEMBER)

  • Indie Poet Appreciation month (to be announced)

  • Indie Author appreciation month (to be announced)

  • Continual collaboration with McKensie Stewart

  • Continual help and assistance to Indie Authors for promotion and reviews.

Thank you for a good year, and here's to an even better one coming up.