• Amy Shannon

Banned Books!

I was watching the news this morning, and there was a story that caught my ear. An Ohio woman put together a subscription for banned books. It's a membership where you can be sent banned books to read in the mail. Books aren't just banned from schools, but from libraries, and prisons. Some books I have read about, I can see why they were banned from children, but adults should have the freedom to read whatever they want. Authors write, and a book ban, takes away something from them, whether it revenue or even the emotions that went into writing it, and now no one can read it. I believe that every book is worth reading, and the great ones are worth finishing. As I was an author, I can't imagine someone telling me I can't sell my books because of whatever the topic is or even if it was just a word that some found offensive. For centuries, books have been banned, burned and whatever, even called "works of the devil." As you can tell, I have a lot of opinions about the banning books.

So, on my review blog, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, I'm going to compile a list of some of the banned books, add them to my new bookshelf "banned books" after I've purchased them, and do reviews for those books as well. Banned Books Reviews will be on the normal review blog, but specified on a separate page, called Banned Book Reviews: https://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/bookshelfreviews/banned-books

Also, in Amy's Library, there is now a list for Banned Books. Under the list, there is a form, where anyone can suggest a banned book to read, whether it's your own, or one that you've read, or just found out about.


For more information about Banned Books, here is a website that provides a lot of resources.


It is also a place where people can sign up for a monthly subscription of banned books, so take a look at the site, while you're there.