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Growing our Contacts & Connections

As my business partner (McKensie Stewart) and I are constantly expanding what we can do FOR (especially) Authors, but also other literary professionals, we are trying to gain more contacts. Even if it just someone subscribing to our websites, blogs or YouTube or "Liking" or "Following" us on social media. We would like to encourage you, if you have even liked or followed us on one of our sites, and are interested in the other things that we do, to sign up, or give us your information, and we'll add you to our lists.

Our current programs (some we do together, some we do separately)

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

The Official Blog of Amy Shannon (Editing Services and Blog tour participation)

The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon podcast

After the After Show podcast

Genesis Book Promotions & Blog Tours

Get It Write (Writing Coach program)

And if you know some one who may be interested, let them know as well. We don't want to send a barrage of emails or information if you're not interested, but we would like to grow our contacts, as we know our audience of our podcasts is growing, so we would like former guests, scheduled guests, and those who have a following, to follow us, and maybe, even be a repeat guest. (We've had repeat guests before, and we'd like authors to take advantage of specials that we offer).

If you go to any one of our websites, the first page allows the user to access our other sites as well.


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