• Amy Shannon

I see. I do. by Amy Shannon

A poem inspired by women; past, present and even future.

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I see. I do.

I see. I do. I understand.

I want. I need. I'm here.

Looking back to what was

To what has changed

To what stayed the same.

voices heard generations, Centuries later

Still crying out for peace

For equality

For humanity

The shadows of a past

Destructive and constructive

Reflections of marches ,

Protest and Trail Blazers

Women of all ages, races, and culture

Making a noise for change

being a voice out loud

When crying inside

When raging inside

To all past, present, and future.

Use your voice ,

No matter how or what you use to speak

We are all sisters under the skin

From day one to present

Being who we are

Some hiding, some lying , doing what is necessary

To make change

to be ourselves

To be true

Be loud, proud,

Don't just let them hear

Make them listen

Let them want to listen

Sisters under the skin

Sisters for generations

Remembering the voices

Looking for change


To be treated human.

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