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Market your work!

Authors, are you marketing your work? Do you utilize social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram (or other formats)?

Social media marketing for your work is key. Not just for your work, but for you as an author, market your brand. This means that you not only post on your accounts, but you connect with others. "Like" Facebook pages, "Follow" Instagram or Twitter accounts, and "connect" with others on LinkedIn.

Social media, no matter the platform, can have a good domino effect, where you post, other's share or retweet. You tag others when necessary, such as those who may have reviewed your work. If you connect with someone in the literary world, editors, publishers, podcast hosts, book reviewers or other bloggers, if you post, they will share, and if they post, you should share as well. You and those other literary professionals all have their own followers or connections, and maybe you will soon.

On our podcast, The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon, when we have a guest on the show, our hope (and we list it as required) is that the guests (and their followers or whatever) will listen to our podcasts, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and even sign up for a newsletter. If you connect with us, we'll connect with you. It's time to market yourself, and all it takes is some social media connections, to share, and then maybe others will share and reshare or tweet and retweet.

Here are the social media links of me and my business partner, McKensie Stewart, as well as our businesses. Please, follow us, and connect, especially if you were a guest or want to be a guest on our podcast.


Facebook: @genesisbookpromos

Twitter: @GenesisBookPro1

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Instagram: @genesisbooks72/


Olympus Book Blog @GenesisBookPro1 #GenOlympus


Amy's Bookshelf Reviews:

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews FB: @bookshelfreviews

Instagram: @amysbookshelfreviews

Twitter: @amyshan_author #ABSR


The Official Blog of Amy Shannon:

Writer Amy Shannon (FB):@amyshannonnovelist

Amy Shannon (Twitter) @amyshan_author



The Write-View

The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon website

The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon Podcast

Instagram: @aftershow2019

FB: @we.theaftershow

Twitter: @amyshan_author @McKensie7415 #TheAfterShow


McKensie Stewart

Twitter: @McKensie7415

Facebook: @McKensie7415/

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