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The Great Mongolian Bowling League of the United States of America by Ed Borowsky

Fate is a funny thing because again, how could two old Jewish guys ever come together with two young Mongolian immigrants?

The tournament not only shook up the world of bowling but managed to move nations in a way that could have caused war or peace.

The uncanny action unfolds in this beautiful comedy illuminating that although we come from worlds far apart, we share a common humanity.

HAROLD KUSHNER and his roommate of thirty years, Murray Schwartz, are average senior citizens facing down their mortality in a trailer park in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Two self-professed “best Jewish bowlers ever” wind up contestants in the first-ever Great Mongolian Bowling League Tournament in the U.S.A. The rivalry becomes a high stakes roll-off as Harold approaches “perfection” (defined in the bowling world as three 300-score games in a row) despite a fix set by the alley’s mobster-owners. As the reporters and camera crews swarm to cover his amazing feat, Harold finds himself in a life review spanning back to his Bar Mitzvah and a past incarnation as a Mongolian warrior in the era of Genghis Khan, as he ponders profound questions we all ask as we near the end of

our lives: Did my life have meaning? Did I fulfill my potential? Was I a good person?

Can Harold roll perfection to help his new Mongolian friends and live to tell the tale? The uncanny action unfolds in this beautiful comedy illuminating that although we come from worlds far apart, we share a common humanity. The outcome will impact millions... and strike you right in the heart.

About Ed Borowsky:

Ed Borowsky is a writer, whose passion for writing started when he wrote copy for his advertising agency. Ed, along with his wife, live in Florida, but he is a native of Pennsylvania. As a child, he was fortunate enough to be a part of a large, and loving extended family.

Ed grew up in a small-town retail family furniture business helping shape his perspective on life, and his moral values. He spent most of his life in the home furnishings and furniture liquidations industry. During those years, he wrote copy and advertising promotions. Now, as he's retired, he writes multi-genre stories, that allows him to pursue his passion. His writing has different genres, depending on what comes out of his imagination, and also may include faith, culture, birth, death, aging, and the complexity of human relationships, interwoven with wit and timeless wisdom.

Ed says, "Writing aside, I'm most proud of my greatest achievement: being married for thirty five years to my beautiful wife, Michele, and being the father of my three grown sons who are always telling me that I still kvetch a little too much."

Ed’s Information:

Twitter: @authoredborow


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