• Amy Shannon

Promote your brand & your work

All authors, in some manner, have to promote their latest book, in order to put it in front of the correct audience, while gaining sales, and those always needed reviews.

Not all readers are reviewers. Some write reviews as they see fit. Some reviewers aren't always going to accept your book to read, and then review. Some reviewers only accept specific genres.

Also, when you are promoting your work, especially if you have or plan on having more than one book under your pen, you need to promote your brand. You can create a specific logo for your brand, or use your own image. You promote your brand as whatever name you write under (whether a pen name, or your own name). Make sure the names are consistent everywhere your book is seen, if you have a middle initial and use it, always use it. It's easier to find your book and make sure you have the correct author, if their name is always consistent.

If you're an author, looking to promote your brand, you may want to do your research first, and what you may need to do. Do you need a publicist? Can you do some things on your own? Who can you get to edit your work (every work needs another pair of eyes)? How do you want to promote your current work, but also past work. Get new readers for your older books, and you've gained new followers. If they like you, they will stay.

This is not a promotional blog to promote my services on this blog, or promotions and blog tours on my other company, Genesis Book Promotions & Blog Tours, but if you're inclined to, please check it out.

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