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Showcase: Silver Fox by Philip and Stella Lemarque

Silver Fox by Philip and Stella Lemarque

Part of the Bonjour Never Land Series, Volume – 3


Pierre and Sophie take their culinary expertise to the extravagant country estate of a mysterious superstar, Silver Fox. The fantasy ranch comes with its own cast of characters and a phantom crowd of mischievous residents. The opportunity for making an easy million is too good to pass up--but may be too slippery to hang onto.

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The authors:

Phillip & Stella Lemarque

About the Authors:

The authors are trained professional chefs (The Master of the Provençal Cuisine Roger Verge) trained chef Stella Lemarque and Phillip is the former owner of Santa Monica's famed hot spot, The Bicycle Shop Cafe. Like their characters, Sophie and Pierre, the authors worked as a couple in the homes of wealthy families, including a stint at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Originally both from France, they currently reside in Los Angeles.


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