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Spotlight! Gary Orleck's Travels With Maurice An Outrageous Adventure In Europe In 1968

Author Name: Gary Orleck

Book Genre: European Travel/Memoir

Author Bio:

In 1965, Gary Orleck graduated from Babson College—a small but outstanding business college with students from around the world—in Wellesley, Massachusetts and set out along Route 66 working his way around the US for four months. Most helpful was an agreement he had with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company that he could work in any store during his travels, but he could not be paid locally. Instead, his pay was sent to his home later. Gary was well-versed in the tire business because his father owned the largest Goodyear Tire and Service store in New England.

Gary says, “It took ten years for me to process that trip—five years of research plus five years of writing—because I wished to share with the world the greatest adventure a young naïve boy from Rhode Island could ever imagine happening. So, fasten your seat belts for a ride inside the elite world of the rich and famous and join me on a trip of a lifetime. A trip you will never forget. I promise you that!”

Travels With Maurice An Outrageous Adventure In Europe In 1968

Book Synopsis:

A simple “thank you” led to the trip of a lifetime, along with an unbreakable friendship of two opposites. See them come of age while rubbing elbows with the rich and famous like the Shah and Queen of Iran, The Who, Paul McCartney, Brigitte Bardot, and even Shirley Temple Black. An unbelievable story, yet it’s true because nobody could make this story up. Find out things the rich and famous do not want you to know.

Praise for Travels With Maurice An Outrageous Adventure In Europe In 1968

Praise for Travels With Maurice An Outrageous Adventure In Europe In 1968 by Gary Orleck

And it is breathtakingly moving on occasion. Revealing Maurice’s untimely death right from the opening adds a whole undertone of sadness to the book which doesn’t really go away, but in fact slowly builds as the two friends navigate their complex and multi-layered relationship; in Maurice’s case, what is of most interest is that those layers are being continuously added throughout, until a character who began as a simplistic, naïve, fun-loving socialite starts to gradually emerge as an increasingly flawed young man, insecure and from a tremendously complicated background..” 5-Stars MATT McAVOY

This memoir describes incidents from Orleck’s “bromance” with Maurice, from his initial introduction to him at school through the memorable trip and beyond, to the days where their contact was not as frequent, their lives inevitably going their separate ways.” - Rachel Deeming, (Scuffed Granny)

“A chance encounter with Maurice, who refers to Gary as Garree, brings on the adventure. "I could see his mind working for a moment before he responded. 'Garree, let's say that we each take three thousand dollars with us and when one of us goes broke, we'll both come back home." This story is about the life that Gary led, and each time he and Maurice would meet, it was always interesting, and sometimes dangerous. I enjoyed reading Gary's story, as well as Maurice's story, because one adventure changed their lives. It's a lifetime of stories, and very enjoyable,” – 4-Stars Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“Travels with Maurice: An Outrageous Adventure by @GOrleck is a Springtime Books Event pick #memoir […] What makes your featured book a must-read? Its genre is A Memoir, Coming of Age, Friendship and History of the ’60s which makes it quite unique but even more startling is the fact that as you read the story you come to realize that this story must be true because nobody could possibly make this story up.” N. N. Light's Book Heaven



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