• Amy Shannon

The Complete MOD Life Epic Saga on Digital For Sale

The Complete MOD Life Epic Saga Digital For Sale

The entire MOD Life Epic Saga is for sale on a USB Flash drive, with the option of the digital format of ePub, Mobi, or PDF files. There is also a text file that provides the list of books in order (by volume number).

About the MOD Life Epic Saga.

The story starts with Unwritten Life, where Alex Garrison comes to the small (fictional) town of Sars Springs. She is trying to forget the past so much that she changes her name. She doesn't realize that she is also followed across the country by a stalker. As the stories go on (there are 67 volumes) each one has its own story but they revolve around the life of the Markums, O'Roarks, and Dix (Hence, MOD). The stories have mystery, murders, healing, romance, clones, kidnapping, curing rare diseases, evil doctors and corrupt cops and FBI agents. (And even raising the dead, but not zombies). The majority of the stories are about the residents of Sars Springs, and how they live their not-so-ordinary or normal lives.

The value of the MOD Life Epic Saga is 196.33, I am offering this collection of 67 books, plus the bonus books.

I am selling several of these sets for the low price of $69.95 (plus 7% sales tax, and 5 dollars billing fee). If you don't wish to wait to get the physical USB, I can allow you to download the files from a google drive. Once you pay, you get the access to download the format of your choice. (Note, only the first 15 are published on Amazon, with Kindle and Paperback), the entire series, though is available from my store, one at a time, or all at once, with this offer.

If you are interested in receiving one of these flash drives or downloads so you can read the entire series, send me an email at authoramyshannonbooks@gmail.com with the words MOD Life Epic Saga in the subject line, and tell me how you want the books sent to you. I will send you a PayPal invoice (you can pay via PayPal or Credit card), and once you've paid, I'll send you the books.

If you want the USB, I will mail it to you.

I may not write anymore, but I still love all of my characters. I may do this again with my other stories.

Thanks for reading.

Amy Shannon