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The MOD Life Epic Saga: Rewritten Life

Rewritten Life is volume 2 in the MOD Life Epic Saga. In total, the saga has 67 volumes, and several bonus books.

Rewritten Life can be purchased on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback. There are currently only 15 volumes published, but all of the books are for sale in digital form only on my MOD Life Epic Saga bookstore on my website in pdf, ePub or Mobi formats. The bonus books are available for free or low prices depending on the book in the MOD Life Epic Saga Bonus Bookstore. (Website links at the end of this post)

About Rewritten Life:

Two years after Alex’s stalker was arrested, Alex tries to forget the past and finally commit herself to Jim. However, when an unexpected relative of Matthew’s shows up, the future of Solutions is at stake. Alex uses her relationship with Mark and Mike Dix to cover up a dark secret from her past, as her stalker escapes from prison.

Just as Alex is about to reveal her secret to Jim, their lives are turned upside down as she is kidnapped by a familiar face. Can Jim continue to be her hero? Who is still in Sars Springs? Who is the newest stranger, with familiar eyes, to cross paths with Alex? What else is Alex trying to keep buried in the past? What’s with the cop fascination that Alex has and how does she live out her fantasies? Who will survive? Once again, follow in the footsteps of Alex Garrison as these and more questions are answered.

Character List:

Alex Garrison

Anthony Martino

Bill Wheeler

Carey Markum

Carol O'Roark

Christopher O'Roark

Dr. Al Masterson

Dr. Edwards

Emily Martino


Evan Jones

Greg Shapone


Helen Jameson

Jason Abrams

Joe Whittaker

John Brickman

Justice of the peace

Karrie Olsen

Katrina Williams

Lieutenant Peter Johnson

Lieutenant Randy Harrison

Lynda Masterson RN

Mark Dix

Matthew Garris

Medical Examiner

Mike Dix

Mrs. Jameson

Mrs. Raines

Officer Jim O'Roark

Officer Terry Markum

Philip Mason

Police Chief Leonard Robertson

Prison Guard

Process Server

Rose O'Roark

Sergeant Charlie Masterson

Special Agent Jackson

Special Agent Hank Marshall

Special Agent Jasper Timmery

Special Agent Linda Marion

Steven Welch

Tony Martino

Treena Niddlehouse

Trey Emerson

Current release date: May 19, 2018

Edition: Third

The next book in the saga is Unwritten Lives: Path to Destiny volume 3


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