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The MOD Life Epic Saga: Unwritten Life

Unwritten Life is volume 1 in the MOD Life Epic Saga. In total, the saga has 67 volumes, and several bonus books.

Unwritten Life can be purchased on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback. There are currently only 15 volumes published, but all of the books are for sale in digital form only on my MOD Life Epic Saga bookstore on my website in pdf, ePub or Mobi formats. The bonus books are available for free or low prices depending on the book in the MOD Life Epic Saga Bonus Bookstore. (Website links at the end of this post. About Unwritten Life: Four years ago tragic events changed Alex Garrison’s life forever. She has been running away from it and trying to put the past behind her. She changes her name, moves to a new town, and even starts a new career. Just when she feels that she can move on with her life, her past comes back to haunt her. Her best friend, Greg, appears out of the blue and constantly reminds her of what she did four years ago. During her personal venture for freedom, she gives in to her attraction to a married man. When a violent stalker sets his sights on her, she finds love in an unlikely place. But who wants her love so much, that he is willing to kill her for of it? Character List (In Alphabetical Order):

Albert (waiter at Amoré) Alex Garrison/Alexis Garris Amanda Shapone Andrea Audrey (payroll at Solutions) billing officer (Middleburg General) Carol O'Roark Charles Charlie Masterson doctor (Middleburg General) Emily Martino Greg Shapone Helen Jameson Hettie Farmer Jim O'Roark Joanna Harrison Joe Whittaker John Reardon Karrie Olsen Katrina Williams Mark Dix Mary Reardon Matthew Garris Mike Dix Mrs. Raines nurse (Middleburg General) Officer Leon Towers Officer Randy Harrison Officer Terry Markum receptionist (ER Middleburg General) Receptionist (Farmer's Insurance) Receptionist (Middleburg General Hospital) Rodney Farmer Rose O'Roark Security Guard (Middleburg General) Steven Welch surgeon (Middleburg General) Tony Martino Treena Niddlehouse William Weaver/Walter Wheeler

Current or future release date: 5/13/2018

Edition: 6th

The next book in the saga is Rewritten Life volume 2

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Unwritten-Life-MOD-Epic-Saga-dp-1719090793/dp/1719090793/

Amy Shannon’s Bookstore Link: https://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/stories/books-store

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