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The MOD Life Epic Saga: Unwritten Life Paths to Destiny

Unwritten Life Paths to Destiny is volume 3 in the MOD Life Epic Saga. In total, the saga has 67 volumes, and several bonus books. It is also the Prequel to the series (but should be read after Rewritten Life to avoid spoilers).

Unwritten Life Paths to Destiny can be purchased on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback. There are currently only 15 volumes published, but all of the books are for sale in digital form only on my MOD Life Epic Saga bookstore on my website in pdf, ePub or Mobi formats. The bonus books are available for free or low prices depending on the book in the MOD Life Epic Saga Bonus Bookstore. Website links at the end of this post.

About Unwritten Life Paths to Destiny:

Experience the two paths taken that brought them into each other’s arms.

Alexis’ path begins with her on trial for murder. Live through Alexis’ ordeal as she flashes to memories of her and her first love, Matthew Garris. Experience her “cop fascination” as she makes her travels across the country and transforms herself from Alexis Garris to Alex Garrison, where she finally meets her destined love.

Jim’s path begins with his searching for his perfect blonde, perfect woman, his destined angel. Jim’s path intercepts with Alexis Garris, but both are unknown to each other. Experience Jim’s heartbreak at the loss of his father, along with the pain of losing his best friend, Matthew Garris, while he tries to discover where he wants his life to end up. Experience Jim’s side of the story as he met Alex Garrison.

Character List:

Alexis Garris

Amanda Shapone



Carl O'Roark

Carol O'Roark



Christopher O'Roark

CO Capshaw

CO Walter Wheeler

Colleen Olsen

Detective Evan Jones

District Attorney Mr. Martin

Dr. Steven Welch

Elvin Meyer

Emily Martino

Father Lawrence


General Ross Lewis

Greg Shapone

Iowa State Patrol Jack Townley

Janet O'Roark

Jason Abrams

Jim O'Roark

John Abrams

John Reardon


Judge Helmsman

jury foreperson

Karrie Olsen

Katrina Williams


Larry Waters

Lena Reardon

Leon Towers

LT. John Harper

Margaret Cunningham

Mark Dix

Mary Reardon

Matthew Garris

Mr. Lyons

Mr. Raymond

Mrs. Raines

Ohio State Trooper Tom Reilly

PA Hilton Desk Clerk

PA State Trooper Jack Theisen

Paul Welch

Peter Johnson

Randy Harrison


reporter 1

reporter 2

reporter 3

Roger Langley

Rose O'Roark


Tony Martino

Treena Niddlehouse

Current or future release date: May 19, 2018

Edition: Third Printing

The next book in the saga is Written Life’s Past Meets Present volume 4


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