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Updated New and Improved Promotion package

I have updated the promotion packages, which had so many options. I have narrowed down the options, and each promotion package will be customized to fit the author's needs and budget.

I did away with the different "bronze, gold and silver packages." Each one will be customized for promotion. I have also kept the "social media review" option.

Here is a break down of the promotions:

Select at least one option. Each option can be customized, including the number of blog posts.

Blog Post for Book

Blog Post for Author

Each blog post is $10 dollars (US). Can have up to 3 Blog posts per day.

Blog posts can run just on this blog or be shared on social media each time the post is run.

The following Social media is used, and the buyer can also share on their social media pages as well. These options are done automatically without extra costs.

Facebook page

Twitter #amyshannonpromos @amyshan_author

Other social media options:

Book cover along with tagline can be added to Instagram. (10 dollars US per post)

Twitter blast

Book taglines (different ones per twitter post) along with author or book twitter account and #amyshannonpromos will run at least 3 times (one per day, author picks the dates). Cost is $20 dollars (US) per three days.

Social Media Review: Review of author's social media sites and branding

*Amazon Author Page

*Goodreads Author Profile

*Facebook Author/Book Page

*Twitter Profile


*(Up to 3) Other sites not listed

​Recommendations for improvement

Instructions on how to update, create improvements or additions.

Each option selected cost is $10.


Author needs to provide information regarding book information, author information, and image (author pic, author brand logo, or book cover).

Also, costs can be changed to meet the author's budget and needs.

Promotions can be accessed here:


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