Attention Authors!

I didn't know if you knew or not, but The Official Blog of Amy Shannon participates in blog tours. That blog will post about the book and the author. Also, if there is a book to be read and reviewed, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews will post the review on the date of the participating tour. I recently decided that I will only do tours for two companies (One, my own at Genesis Literary Promotions) and the other is under Henry Roi. These blog tour subsidiaries are Blackthorn Book Tours, Black Coffee Book Tours, Blackberry Book Tours, and Kitty Berry Book Tours.

I sign up for the different blog tours as much as I can, but if you are going to have your work on a blog tour with one of those that I have listed, let me know, and I will definitely sign up. If I've read your work and reviewed it, I will happily post a copy of that review on The Official Blog of Amy Shannon during the tour dates.

Just a reminder that my company is still new, and still building connections, but I have the "build your own" promotions for blogs and social media. You can sign up for that https://genesisbookpromos.wixsite.com/genesisbookpromos

If you are more interested in book blog tours and book reviews, as well as other services or options, I highly recommended Henry Roi and Isobel Blackthorn. (And yes it seems like its competition, but to me, it's not). I thoroughly love working with them, and their staff. They are very professional and personable.



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