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Author's Opinions Wanted

I have a question to ask all of the authors whom I have reviewed for, those currently on one of my bookshelves, and authors that may want to request a review.

Send your opinion to and write "Opinion" in the subject line.

Currently, I have a lot of books on the Legacy Bookshelf, and many of them (and they are listed together) are authors that have several books on the list. Currently, in order to read them, write a review, and post them together, there is what is called a consecutive review for $30 for every 4 books.

I want to be as fair as I can, and some authors choose to have their books read within a certain period of time, and they move their title to another bookshelf (and do the donation amount for that bookshelf).

My question is (because I want to be fair) "Should I read, review and post the review for each author in a row (and not have the consecutive review fee), instead of moving the next titles to the bottom of the shelf? Or should I keep the policy as is?

I'm asking because what I think is fair, may not be fair to others. So, please let me know, and I will tally the opinions and make my decision.

Send the emails by September 31, 2022 and then I will make my decision, and the policy will stay as it until the decision is made.

Thank you

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

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