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Back to Serve: Return of a Soldier by Cesare Giannetti

5 Stars

Magnificent Story

Giannetti pens a magnificent story in Back to Serve: Return of a Soldier. I really enjoyed this page-turner, as there was something about the reality of the world and plot, and how it brought history to life. Even tragic history. Giannetti has a unique writing style, and I'm sure his writing fits his voice, as there were some phrases that were unfamiliar to me, but fit with the story and storyteller. I am honored to read this work from Giannetti, and will definitely read more. Any reader can tell this not only came from experiences, but also from the heart. Giannetti writes "I got a lump in my throat and knot in my stomach. All I could think about was the men I had lost in my unit, who had not made it home. The woman smiled politely as she handed me the trifold American Flag ..." Now, time to read more of Giannetti's work.

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