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Looking for reviewers!

Hello. Right now, I am wearing my "author" hat. As an author, book reviewer, book promoter, and editor, I don't have a lot of time to go out and search for reviews.

First, reviews are very important. They help sell the book, and also can be used to promote it. (I have to get back to promoting my own work at some point).

Second, if you read a book, you should write a review, your choice on if you post bad reviews or not (I don't go lower than a three, and every review written on amazon, goes to the top, until the next review is posted).

Third, I do give out free copies of my book when I get a donation on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, and I have recently changed it to one book only.

Right now, I am really looking for reviews for two of my books, "Fractured Tears: A Struggle for Justice" (even if you read the Special Edition, you can post the review here. That book is now only available as a gift for authors who donate to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. It was an only-in-November Special Edition.

Also, I am looking for reviews for my last final book, a collection of my work over the years, called "My Final Chapter: A Legacy of Words."

If you read either book, please write a review. If you haven't, contact me at and I would be happy to give you a reviewer copy, and just ask that you write a review. You don't even have to tell me that you did, just please do it. Thank you.

Amy C. Shannon


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