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Starting September 1, 2022, Genesis Literary Promotions will now be part of Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. The promotions of Genesis, will be on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews website. Genesis Literary Promotions and Amy's Bookshelf Reviews is under the umbrella company, Essence Enterprises.

There will be a "Genesis" promotion page on Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. Authors can now just add promotions to their review requests, or request a promotion for a book that has already been released and reviewed by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

The Genesis Website will reroute to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews page Genesis Book Promotions. The Genesis Literary Blog Olympus will still run and be on blog tours. The Twitter accounts will also still be active, as well as the Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn accounts.

Genesis will still customize promotional packages for authors and it will still offer bundled packages, which ever the author chooses. If a representative does a bulk promotion for more than 4 authors, there is a 20% discount on that. Also, the promotional dates of clients will not overlap each other.

The transition will take sometime, that's why I'm announcing it now. If you are looking to promote your book, email me at writeramyshannon@gmail.com until the transition is complete, which will be September 1 2022.


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