Amy's Bookshelf Reviews has added a new way to make a request for a review. It is called the streamlined review request. And it can only be made if the instructions are followed. As it is known now (or maybe not) but any author (even Legacy ones) get a spreadsheet to fill out, when making a review request.

Here are the new streamlined request details:

Go to the Requests & Policy Page

Now, it is up to the author or representative (new or Legacy) to have the option to directly email for a review request.

Author will download the spreadsheet and checklist and fill out the spreadsheet, and follow the steps in the checklist.

Once that is done, the author will email amysbookshelfreviews@gmail.com adding to the subject line add either "new request," "new release request," "legacy request," "Legacy new release request."

The email body will contain the name of the book and authors name. If there is anything the author wants to mention in the email, before it is accepted for review, just write it in the body (such as making donation, wanting to send print in the mail, etc). Author must also confirm by writing in the final line of the body of the email: I have read and understand the policies and procedures of Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. 

Even if sending a print copy, PDF copy is required. Do NOT send press or media kits or author's biographies or photos. This is for book review requests ONLY.

Also, once the email has been sent with the spreadsheet, the author must have already uploaded the PDF version (PDF ONLY) of the book to the Google drive.

(The book cover is optional, as many times the cover from the book on Amazon is used at the time the review is posted.)

​The information on the Requests and Policies page has been updated.


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