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Review Request Policies Changes

There is an new policy added to the type of requests that I will and won't accept. The complete policy is on my "requests" page, and there is also a document that can be downloaded to review the policy offline. Every time it's updated, I highlight the change, and update the "last update" date.

BOOKS THAT ARE NOT ACCEPTED: I will no longer review books that are "unpublished" or as an "early manuscript. "Unpublish" refers to a book that has no date or plans in the future to be released, as the author just wants to see if it is worth publishing. If the book doesn't not have a release date, or even just a release month, then I will not review it (Unless the author is using my editing or editorial review services on my other blog at ). If by the time I am ready to post my review, the book is unavailable or not published, I will not post my review. Only when it has a date, I will post it.

I also no longer post reviews on Weekends UNLESS it is a release date for a title. It used to be just Sunday, but now it is also Saturday.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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