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  • Amy Shannon

Indie Author Appreciation

Indie Author Appreciation month has completed, and I hope

it was successful. I want to thank all the persons who nominated an Indie Author, and all of the Indie Authors who allowed me to share their story about themselves and their work with me, and anyone who reads or shares my blog posts.

This is the first time I've done something like this, and I hope to do it again in the future, and not only on an annual basis.

Any Indie author can still have their name listed on my Indie Author page for a nominal fee of $2.00.

I know the importance of sharing work and being able to do some self-promotion for little or no costs, without looking that way. I was honored to be interviewed in the past couple of months by Indie Authors who have their own blog and showcases.

As for my book reviews, which the blog is associated but not directly linked to Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, I have made a slight change to my review policy, creating a Special Request Genre, to get specific genres more focus and have those authors be able to share their work with me, and I'll share it with my reviews. Currently, the Special Genre is LGBTQ.

Any repeat author on my book review blog can be Interviewed, and the interview is posted on both blogs. This is not the same as the Showcase, so even if you've been showcased, once I review your work as many have shared their work with me, you are still eligible for the Interview. This is the same for my services of promotion, if you haven't done it before, you can still be eligible for one FREE blog post promotion. See my Services page for details.

The next special feature on my blog will be my Character Interviews, so stay tuned and updated.

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