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New York State Author Showcase: Kyra Robinov

It is my pleasure to share the state of New York with some fine authors. I think it is so important to not only support Indie Authors, but local Indie authors.

I’d like to showcase Kyra Robinov today. Robinov is from New York City County. Robinov’s most recently published book is Red Winter. I had the privilege of reading her work, “Red Winter” and have posted my reviews on “Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews” and have done a review showcase on this blog.

Here is the direct link to my review:

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews “Red Winter”

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About Robinov:

Kyra Robinov is a Manhattan based writer who works in several genres. A theatre lover with perpetual wanderlust, Robinov is happiest when trekking on foreign soil, seated in an audience or writing about her passions. Her recent historical novel, RED WINTER, set in 1920 in far eastern Siberia, is based on the true story of her family. It tells the story of Luba whose life is upended after Bolshevik revolutionaries infiltrate her town, arrest her husband and take over her home. Luba and her children seek refuge in pigsties, warehouses and opium dens. They’re hoping to stay alive until the river melts and help arrives from afar. A graduate of the NYU Tisch Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, NYU Tisch School of Film and Television as well as the BMI Musical Theatre and Librettists Workshops, she was the producer and host of The Ballet Beat, a weekly radio program profiling personalities in the dance


Robinov worked in film production before switching to writing books and lyrics for several original musicals: TO DANCE, WEDDING WOES and SINGLED OUT; and the translated versions of foreign ones: THE LEGEND OF PENELOPE (Russia), CATHERINE (Russia) and STAND BY (Korea). The author of several children’s books in rhyme, Robinov has written articles that have appeared in InTravel Magazine and Ballet Review. Currently, she is completing a memoir, THE URGE TO ROME based on the year she spent living with her family in Italy.

Future plans include the sequel to RED WINTER which follows her family’s exploits in Japan, China and the United States. Finding themselves constantly at the epicenter of disasters and international events—from the Great Kanto Earthquake in Tokyo in 1923 to helping refugees survive internment camps in Shanghai during WWII—Luba and her children manage to survive and thrive against ostensible odds. Stay tuned…!

A few questions that I asked Robinov…

Why do you write? To express myself.

Something separate from Writing? I love to travel, spend time with family and friends and also volunteer—as a tutor, mentor and theatrical developer.

Where to do you write? Everywhere. Anywhere I can find quiet, a seat and a setting for my laptop or notebook.

What gives you inspiration? People…places…emotional situations…books…theatre…

Advice to aspiring writers? Write. Don’t put it off. Don’t be afraid what comes out won’t be good. Don’t hesitate to throw out and start anew. Listen to feedback from others…but follow your own instincts and heart.

What would you say to your fans? THANK YOU!!!

Describe your hometown in one sentence. A fizzy concoction of cultures, ideas, restaurants, markets and temperaments, all feeding off one another and fermenting like a good sauerkraut, Manhattan bursts with flavor and life.

Any final thoughts?

Thank you, Amy Shannon, for supporting Indie writers—in so many ways!

A few books by Robinov

Books or Series (List up to 5)

1. Red Winter

2. Matt Mcflack & His Fly-Away Kite

3. Dance of The Seasons

4. The Folly of Polly The Penguin

5. The Urge to Rome (Soon-To-Be-Released)

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