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  • Amy Shannon

Top 10 Indie Authors of 2018

A reminder for readers to nominate their favorite Indie Author of 2018. NOMINATIONS runs from 11/10/18 through 12/01/18. The nominations will be listed on the voting page. The requirement that the author is an Indie Author, and has published a book in 2018 or EARLIER (new authors for 2019 cannot be nominated. Authors DO NOT nominate or vote for yourself).

Voting for all nominees will begin on December 2 through December 15 2018

This year, NOMINATIONS can only be done via "email" write-in. Send an email to

In the subject, write "Indie Authors 2018 Nomination"

In the body of the email, provide the pen name of the author, list up to 3 books that they have written and published in 2018 or earlier.

Also, any contact information that you may have for them, such as social media, email address or website. (I have to contact the author directly)

A running list of all authors and their books that get nominated will be posted on my blog on the voting page. (

Thank you for your nominations.

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