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  • Amy Shannon

Best Indie Authors of 2018

The Best Indie Authors of 2018 contest was surprisingly not quite what I had planned, but I want to thank all everyone for their nominations, and the authors who participated in this contest.

Each Winner in this contest (I held two) will receive a showcase about themselves as authors, a review showcase about one of their books, and a badge to use for their website or promotion. All blog posts are shareable on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and Pinterest.

The reviews were copied from my other blog "Amy's Bookshelf Reviews" and if I hadn't read the book in the past, I added it to the top of my priority VIP bookshelf, reading and reviewing it prior to its scheduled review showcase.

The Winners of the Indie Authors of 2018 are:

10 Melanie Nowak 9 Sarah Dale 8 SL Perrine 7 Jennifer S. Alderson 6 Patrick Canning 5 J E Mueller 4 William Mayo 3 Michelle Holland 2 Chantelle Atkins 1 S.P. Aruna

Let's help the authors celebrate their award by sharing this blog post, and their blog posts to come (all are scheduled to run in the month of January).

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