• Amy Shannon

Tattered Words by Amy Shannon

Tattered Words by Amy Shannon

A collection of Poetry.

Call it poetry, call it thoughts, but whatever it is, I must put it on paper the minute it crosses my mind or it will be lost forever. I sometimes share these random thoughts that cross my mind, and sometimes, I keep them to myself. However, here I am sharing more.

Not a sequel, but more like a continuation of my poetry book “Unbroken Souls”. A natural thought process of creativity, imagination, inspiration and emotions. Some emotions that get shared, and some I keep for myself. I do not always have to feel it, I just have to write it. Welcome to my Tattered Words.

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Featured Poem: "Tattered Words" Tattered Words

The words come easy The feelings come hard

The thoughts run wild The words flow promptly

Writing in my head To explain the thought

Writing in my head To explain the emotions

Words come easy But drop on paper

Like tattered, shattered feelings Slowly writing, one letter at a time

One word at a time Ripping from my head

Teetering from within Tattered words

Clearly written



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